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Upton House Music Festival Reviews

A big thank you for coming to the Upton House Music Festival.

Here just a few of the lovely messages sent through to us after the event.

Message: We all had a great time despite the rain! Thank you for selecting us as the charity for the Sunday evening. Just thought I'd let you know that we sold quite a few programmes, flags and glow sticks which raised money for the charity. Thank you again for selecting us as the charity for the Sunday evening - it was a huge opportunity for us and we greatly appreciated the support!

Amanda C - Dorset Blind Association

Answer: Some people do not appreciate the work that goes into supporting persons without sight or impaired sight until it happens to them. Sight is a very precious gift and we should all recognise its importance. I hope that the festival gave you the support and exposure your charity needs.

Message: I wanted to say a big thank you for your support at the festival and thank you for a fantastic evening on Friday. We received a very warm response from the audience and everyone was very generous. Thank you so much for choosing us as one of the charities, we really appreciate your support.

I am sure you are exhausted, but once you are recovered, please do let me know when you would like to arrange a visit to our Hospice so we can show you just how valuable your support has been.

Many thanks again Jacqui and Amy – Julia’s House

Answer: We will do. I am glad you enjoyed the evening!

Message: Thank you for your lovely email. Your event was a marvellous testing ground for what I hope to be new venture for the business. It was an excellent opportunity. Speak soon,

Rob for D G J Tanner, Sopley Farm 

Answer: I would just like to tell the public that we invited Sopley Farm due to tasting their delicious strawberries they had for sale. Next year I will want them to bring two giant stalls of delightful scones, strawberries and cream. The taste of their fruit is like nothing you have tasted before. You will not get fruit like this in any supermarket, so please support them next year and experience what we mean……. I tried one (not being a huge strawberry fan), and couldn’t resist the rest of the pot!

Thank you Sopley Farm – you did us proud!

Message: I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a huge congratulations on the success of your first Upton House Music Festival and what a fantastic finale you delivered last night! Everyone definitely left the event on a high and a lot of guests were already starting to ask about next year.

Vikki S – Dorset Chamber of Commerce

Answer: We are very thankful for your support!

Message: On behalf of all the staff here at Dorset Community Foundation, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing to support Dorset Community Foundation at Saturday’s event. We had a fantastic time and it was a wonderful opportunity for us to raise the profile of our vitally important work. We raised money by selling the programmes and pin badges and we have had several lines of enquiry from people wanting to know more.

The whole event seemed a great success – I hope you are both pleased with how it went.

With very best wishes and thank you once again from us all.

Tracey M - Dorset Community Foundation

Answer: Thank you and hope people will continue to support you. Without your charity, many people would not have the opportunities you support and we wish you all the very best. Hopefully now, people will see what a wonderful job you do.

Message: I just wanted to thank you and your team for your help in making my 69th birthday party at Upton House such a success. The secret venue was revealed when my daughter handed out safety pins and the entrance tags as we approached the Upton House entrance. It was altogether a fabulous evening with some party guests staying at the dinner table and others using the concert seating where we had a cold box offer of beer or fizz.

The fact that Ruby turned up unexpectedly was the icing on the cake and a fabulous surprise.

Thank you so much for your attention to detail, the flexibility with numbers, your help and the time you spent on our large booking. It was all these ingredients and more that made my birthday party such a success and one of the best I have had.

The event could not have been better including the weather - we were so lucky. Ruby! Turning up after all. Your help all the way through.

Many, many thanks. I do hope we can do it again.

David N

P.S. Thank you also for the birthday card and good wishes.

Answer: Well, what more can we say? We thank you too!

Message: Just wanted to THANK YOU for the tickets. It was a great afternoon apart from the rain J which added to the fun.

Jason D


Message: Many thanks for looking after our guests at the Upton house Music Festival, we all had a fantastic evening despite the couple of down pours.

Our two day rectal cancer symposium has been very successful, we have had lots of positive feedback, which I hope will help towards raising Poole Hospital’s profile.

Look forward to planning for next year, please keep in touch, many thanks for all your hard work and attention to detail.

Jan J – Poole Hospital

Answer: Thank you Jan. So glad we could be of assistance to your fund raising. It will be a pleasure to support you in 2017.

Message: I wanted to get back in contact with you to say what a great night we had at the Jules Holland concert and how impressed we were with the quality of service, food and staff provided by Beales Gourmet.

Apart from your staff making a slight mix up with our initial drinks order, the staff’s attentiveness throughout the evening from our initial meet and greet through to the late evening drinks being supplied from the bar was superb.

It is highly likely that we will book for the Music Festival next year and would hope that Beales Gourmet will also be there.

Peter B

Answer: As far as I am concerned, they can stay in my kitchen all year around!

Message: All I just wanted to say what a great job you did in organising the Upton Music Festival. We went on the Jools Holland night and the organisation was absolutely superb. So often these events are let down by poor facilities and long car park queues which detract from the experience. Not so in your case. A master class in organisation and a first class evening. Well done.

Paul M


Message: Welcome back! Fantastic, as always. But, please set the stage at the house end, with fireworks up over the house and stage ----- like it used to be. One focal point ! But keep it all coming. Great! Many thanks.

Barry S

Answer: Thank you for the compliment and the comments. We are actually trying to plan the stage nearer the house for next year, only there are several issues to think of:

1. Placing our very large stage would obstruct the view of the lighted House.

2. To place it sideways facing west would take the sound over to the housing area which is something we endeavour to avoid and it would cause the artists to have the sun in their eyes.

3. To place the stage east would carry the sound over the large yellow car park field which is fine, but then the audience will have the sun in their eyes.

4. Then there is the wind speed, fireworks to consider over and near the house, health and safety etc. etc! …..

All I can say is, let’s hope we can arrange cloudy days without rain in 2017! Nonetheless, we are still working on changing the position in some form or another. Thank you again and look forward to seeing you soon!

Message: I would like to thank all those involved in this year’s concerts. It was a wonderful experience, and very well organised. The direction of traffic, the staff, the fireworks, all impressive. I won my tickets, and it will be one of my most treasured memories, especially as my partners favourite pieces were played. I hope he was looking down on it all. Thank you!

Vivien G

Answer: Thank you Vivien. We are very pleased to hear you enjoyed the show so much. It must have been very emotional for you. Looking forward to seeing you next year when the show will be even bigger. Please remember to fill in the competition to win 2 VIP packages – you never know!